Human Resources

As a participant and shareholder with all of its employees, renewing itself continuously with the productions it carries out, it has acquired an important tool for human resources and human factor to be a world company that protects the company values and spirit.

Basic Principles of Gündüz Trafo Human Resources Policy:

To know and emphasize the importance of each employee in the Gündüz Trafo,

To create an environment in which Gündüz Trafo employees trust, respect and work peacefully,

Transparent and open policy to ensure that everyone knows all kinds of applications,

To comply with legal and regulatory requirements,

To adopt an egalitarian approach in every field and in every situation,

To perform a match that works towards the correct position,

By passing on Gündüz Trafo values to the employees, to solidify “Gündüz Trafo culture”

To organize trainings for progress and development in line with our HR values,

Following the innovations and developments in the world, adapting to our company and fostering continuous development,

Being solution focused and spreading to this solution all units,

Measuring and evaluating the human resources process according to contemporary criteria,

It reinforces our environment and animal friendly approach.